Brandy Grey - Owner / Winemaker

Avid gardener, cook and soap maker - Brandy earned her Enology degree from Chemeketa and when not making wine, she likes to pet all the dogs.

Ari Grey - Owner / Vineyard Manager

Like Brandy, a desert transplant - Ari loves cleaning the winery when he's not tending their estate vineyard in the Chehalem Mountains AVA.

Wine is made from grapes and love

Working harvest at Colene Clemens, under Stephen Goff, and then as Associate Winemaker at Vidon, Brandy honed her understanding of clonal selection in order to focus on a wine's texture and structure. While the taste from person to person can be highly subjective, how the wine "feels" tends to be more universal.

Each year before harvest, Brandy chooses a song to represent the vintage - helping her focus on the theme for that years particular wine. It is from this basis that clones and winemaking decisions are chosen.

"Wine is a reflection of the people, time and places that made it."

Grapes grow from dirt and sunshine

Our wine is sourced from two Willamette Valley vineyards. Our Pinot Noirs are made from grapes grown high in the Yamhill-Carlton AVA at Fairsing Vineyard with the sparkling wine grapes sourced from our Blackfeather Estate vineyard, located in the Chehalem Mountains AVA outside of Newberg.

Both vineyards practice organic farming.

Blackfeather was began as cuttings from some of our favorite wineries (Lachini & Natalie's Estate), carefully rooted in red solo cups by Brandy's parents (Al and Jamesetta) starting in 2008. Now at a whopping 234 vines, we have the opportunity to diligently care for each vine.

Of Course There are Dogs!


Lick, sleep, bite Kiva, repeat...


Ball, GET OFF MY LAWN!!, ball, repeat...

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